Saturday, November 15, 2008

By the time I left my friend's house after a cheese-fest, it was raining again. Not the sort of glasses-fuzzling drizzling or steady streaming, but just light and seldom. Really nice sort of raining.

I put up my umbrella and was careful to skirt around the many puddles and squishy leaves.

I could feel the rain hit the fabric very well and it was very loud. I realized that I was the only loud thing all around me. I was walking past a grass field in the middle of the academic buildings, the neon tunnel, and the botanical garden. There was hardly any wind and only scattered rain drops. I was the only loud thing!

Let down the umbrella and and fully flopped about in my flip flops. I made sure to step in all the big puddles, and the little ones if I could.


Richel said...

flip flops and puddles.

v. nice.

Sandy said...

You know you're from California when you wear flip flops in all kinds of weather.

jo said...

you ARE a loud thing. if i were to send you a postcard, would it get ruined by the weather?