Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pritzker Prize 2010

Announced!! Ryue Nishizawa and Kazuyo Sejima!!!!

(I feel to need to end everything Japanese with exclamation marks!!!!!!!!)

water monopoly

New website find of old-timey bests! Especially a fan of this outdoor/greenhouse-y bath mmmmm:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quilted Old-lady-bed!

Lauren got an awesome new quilt! So in addition to the eraser bits, binder paper detritus, stinky feet, drinking chocolate stains, and toots usually on our bed from our sweet friendses, Superbed is quilted and extra old lady! I want to make tea every time I look at it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Since sweet Anastasia accidentally broke my french press (it vos very funny), I had an excuse to replace it with this cute chartreuse one! Yes for clumsiness! :)

Also, LOOK AT HER. What a lovely way to feminize the bomber jacket. Will only set you back $4,550...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

nice knob

Other than full on refinishing, perhaps the best way to revive or refine an old chest/commode/desk/vanity:

Liberty Hardware 1-3/8 In. Double Beaded Knob, 3.79, Home Depot

Liberty 30 MM Victorian Glass Knob, 3.99, Home Depot

Sea Blossom Knob (mother-of-pearl), 10, Anthropologie

Silhouetted Zinnia Knob, 8, Anthropologie

Cinquefoil Knob, 2.95, Anthropologie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

still want this

Pictorial Webster's: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities
John M. Carrera
Chronicle Books
512 pp
1,500 b/w images!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Speaking of boba, there's a new tapioca place on Irving! And they're so much cheaper than Wonderful Foods. Jo and I of course went to WF to get tapioca first and decided to walk over to the new place, which occupied the old Tutti Frutti space. Everything was in Chinese/legit. I read "small" and "red" somewhere (suckaaaaaaa!!)

Tried Ginger Tapioca. Initially too sweet, but once the ice melted, grew on me and pleasantly bitter. I didn't watch it being made, but I suspect they don't use any fresh ginger. Disappointing because what I want is the fresh kick and spiciness, herro-o?!

Definitely does not top Almond Tapioca - all time favorite!

Oh noes is this turning into a WF boba review?!

While I'm at it then: I've had Taro a few times but absolutely no taste recollection. Maybe I just get it because I think it'll turn out pretty. Avocado Tapioca is so thick! Seriously a meal. Honeydew too watery.
What else? I'm curious about other odd[tapioca]balls... perhaps durian is next?


I've-been-traveling-all-day rant

I was rummaging through our art supplies drawers at home in SF. My old room. What was my senior yearbook doing there? Had to have a flip-through.

One of the most depressing half hours of my life. I read autograph after autograph. Of the legible ones, largely the same message: woot! what a great time...faith in the future...see you around, I'm sure.

The thing is, all the signatures are entirely illegible. So all the "glad I got to know you. Have a good time in SoCal. I always appreciated your dirty jokes" entries get blurred. It doesn't make a difference who signs and you have no idea who you "got to know better." Not to discount the friends with whom we've maintained close ties post Lowell, but I'm so tired of acquaintance-building.
You should do it though. This is a part of cautious Emily. I can't really help it, but you should help yourself to some.

In some ways, I'm almost looking forward to what will probably be a rather solitary, if not very lonely, summer in NYC. You know what I mean: you miss people so much (so much!), but if you ever have to run into anyone you know (who pretends not to recognize you) from high school at any fucking boba place on Irving...

Apparently really melodramatic today,
E. Mo.

Friday, March 19, 2010

old boys club

"I'm a man of exquisite taste." - Prince

Influenced by Mr. Purple and echoing Britte... Want. Three. Piece. Suit. Now.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2010

Or just new suit

Neil Barrett Spring 2010

Images: Style.com

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Living Art, Part 4: Su Zhe Hui Restaurant, Shanghai

I'd forgotten to post this! While we were in Shanghai, we went to this restaurant chain called Su Zhe Hui a few times. Food was standard but I was really into their decor. Sleeker version of Hollywood Regency.

Especially liked their succulent vertical garden, which stood at the very end of a smokey-mirrored hallway.

Some sort of hammered/pressed metal tiling in the bathroom. Nice!


I went along with Lillian and Tim to check out The Art of Cartier: Masterworks from the Cartier Collection exhibition at the Legion of Honor today. My favorite piece was a tiny daguerreotype camera as a frame on its rear standard side. So cute!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

All I've done since coming home is shop, eat spicy stews, nap, craft, write papers, and pound and chop mounds of garlic.
Only wish other peeps (YOU) had this week for Spring Break as well :(

Haven't used my mom's high-speed industrial sewing machine in a while, so I hope I don't sew over my finger again. That was bad.

Going on a walk to buy loads of ginger tea now :)

Peony season!

A boring issue, but I love March's Elle Decor cover, especially the walls in Farrow & Ball's Off Black. There will definitely be a semi/gloss black or navy room in my Tiffany Blue Victorian :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

You gotta get yourself some marble columns

It's a little after 10am. I'm at the airport. My flight isn't until 3pm. God knows how much money I'm going to waste on coffee and magazines... :)

In case you're bored, here are some funnies:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bought in Boston, Part II: Whitelines

Notebooks of white lines on light gray rather than harsh blue on ultra-bright white. Another case of "why hadn't I thought to market this?!"

Whitelines notebooks come in hard bound, hard wired, perfect bound, wired, orange glued, and saddle stitched, as well as lined/squared.

This is what the pages in my Whitelines Squared look like:

And of course it's Swedish!


Think I'm going to finally make a planner over Spring Break. So excited to go home! Although Spring is finally making its way to New England - the first time in months that I've felt the warmth of the Sun rather than dry radiator heat.
Lauren's daffodils in full bloom in our room. Can't wait for Smith to get completely covered in them.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bought in Boston, Part I: Five Year Memory Book

I went to Boston/Cambridge for the weekend! So happy to finally visit Heejin and hang out/have an extraordinary shopping adventure with Lillian. We both got these Five Year Memory Diaries at Bob Slate Stationary and Rugg Road Paper Company. So cute - in Domino colors, too! Made by Chronicle Books of SF.

Check out Lillian's blog for images of our walk all over Boston and around Cambridge (especially the art nouveau store front). Loved all the red doors around Beacon Hill.

When I have monies, I really want a SF Victorian in Tiffany blue with lacquered black double doors.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hagia Sophia

Unknown photographer
Hagia Sophia
Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey
(LUNA Imagining, Inc.)

Mmmm I think a religious conversion is on its way just from this photo. (But which religion?!)

Learning about the Hagia Sophia in 7th Grade history with Herr Jacob was the first time I thought a building could be remarkable. For that reason, I will actually remember 532-537 on my next exam. I'm so bad with memorization and numbers... and memorization of numbers...

do it yoself: postcards from vintage book covers

Adorable! But sad?

I've done something similar with an album cover (May seems so long ago!)

Can we send postcards with rounded corners? I thought USPS wasn't okay with this? That would be great though - all cards/papers are cuter with rounded corners.

What are your feelings on this? Is it salvaging or sacrilege?


On another note: it seems like my brother is always sending me realistic/pessimistic articles on unemployment. Listening to Don Peck re his Atlantic article right now. I'm staying in school forever.