Sunday, May 31, 2009


I made a notebook! This was a test run, made absolutely free with:
  • Scratch paper
  • An old album cover
  • Needle and thread
  • Elmer
  • Binder clips
  • A bit of elastic and ribbon
  • And of course, an onset of CRAFTYMOOD!
First folded pages individually to ensure consistent edges. Because I was using scratch paper that had been marked on one side, I played around with exposed faces and booklets before settling on uniform faces. Sewed each booklet of five leaves together at the fold, then sewed six booklets together at four points of the binding.

I used an old vinyl album cover for the bookcover. Don't hate! (Although I seem to have a history of destroying vinyls. Wutevuh, I do wut I want!) So I scored, folded, and trimmed...

Added a ribbon to the binding:

And a pocket to the back cover for tidbittish papers:

An elastic to the back. And donezo! Front:

Rear (lawl):

What a productive crafting session to end a fulfilling day of going to open houses around the City with my parents! Have to work on sewing the binding much more tightly and alter the placement of the elastic. Should also get a little border rounder to clip into uniform smooth edges.

Sorry, Chuck Mangione Quartet + Orchestra!


Thomas Riley York said...


If only for my favorite song of his, "Feels so Good." Because the title of the song is actually _self-referential_.

Also this notebook is amazing and I might have to try and make one.

Anonymous said...

haha clever!

anddddd, jessie has a small bladder, not jo. apparently according to you, jo's amazing bladderwise.

she just may get challenged.

Connie said...

ohmyhell i need it.