Friday, August 21, 2009

little white oxfords

Churchill in bone white, Candela NYC at Jeremy's, 89

The most money I've personally spent on a single item is still $100. I didn't pay for this computer, I don't pay for my tuition, and I'm mad cheap otherwise. I applaud those of you with substantive enough balls to work entirely by yourself and for yourself. I will think of you fondly and guiltily each time I wear my little white oxfords :)

A couple of paying and nonpaying summer jobs/internships/work-studies later, remember that you are still a baby.

So break that swagger in your step! Sorry such a pooper.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Edward Gorey for your progeny

Ethan tells me he really likes the illustrations in the new Edward Gorey posterbook. Thirty large-format reproductions. 10.25" x 15" and so frameable.

above and below: from Edward Gorey: The New Posterbook

The Blue Aspic cover

"Jasper wandered the streets, his warping records clutched to his chest." - EG in The Blue Aspic

Framed in a wonky pattern like this?

ABC Carpet & Home in NYC last November. So many perfect vignettes in that store.

who wouldn't adore this!

Not too expensive such that if I were wealthy/old enough/needed a home office, I would not hesitate to slam the $20 on Anthro's we're-so-clever-for-repurposing-these-shelves-as-desks counter.

This morning as I walked to the bus stop, there were bunches of flowers at every corner and one in the center of the intersection. Seemed to be the aftermath of a memorial ceremony. The petals were crushed in a line on each side. It was nice to see all the bikers weave and drivers scuttle past the remainders. Kind of them. I hadn't heard anything about an accident or death there. It looked so bizarre. So close, too. When someone dies next to you and you don't know it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let there be light fixtures!, Part 3

I've been thinking a lot about how much I dislike my table lamp at school. Am definitely getting another one. I realize this particular expense is not included in "craft supplies, tea and masala chocolate," but I won't want to perform any homework-y tasks with an ugly task lamp! This seriously had an effect on my study habits last year, for reals.

So here's a roundup of table/desk/task lamps I'm liking right now. Looking for college student functionamability: 1. must be mad cute 2. adjustable arm preferred. It seems that I'm really fond of cantilevered table lamps, brass and black. Duh because they're so pretty.

BAROMETER at Ikea, 40

FORSA at Ikea, 25

GLOBAL at Ikea, 20

I particularly like this one because I'm beyond excited for the two studio architecture + architectural art history classes I'm taking next semester. MBAH! Also, GLOBAL is move-around-able.

KULLA at Ikea, 50

Without a doubt my favorite from Ikea. Perhaps not for a desk though. But if Northamptom Antiques can provide a cheap and refurbishable bedside table...OR find a plastic lampshade to spray paint in glossy black.

Ashland Table Lamp at PB, 120 sale

I love the combination of rosewood-stained birch and antique silver. Albeit it is birch and not actual rosewood.

Stuart Pharmacy Table Lamp at PB, 83 sale

In the likeness of early 20th c pharmacies. I just like how cute and bulbous it is. I wish it came in other colors or brass. Mmm love brass everything.

Bird on Post at Target, 90

Bit too old lady, but who wouldn't love this with previously mentioned high-gloss black shade, yes?!

Can't help but love the banker lamps. This one is the cheapest of the bunch.

Didn't find anything particularly good on Etsy that was not overpriced/ugly or made from a wine bottle/Jack Daniel's besides this one:

Gramophone Desk Lamp by lightexture, 180

(Related: Let there be light fixtures!, parts 1 and 2)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To continue with posts that have nothing to do with design or crafting... I was so grossed out on the 24 today:

The point of a goatee is to give everyone a preview of your pubes. Shave.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


Thank you Google. Now I need to delete these images from my computer.

new school year resolutions

This has been in my (beautiful coral!!) planner for a sehr sehr lange Zeit and I stare at it zu viel and so maybe you should once as well. Yes, some times I have sensible things to say rather than the "vulgar, spewed toxins" that I apparently oft emit:
  • Find time to craft every week
  • Ensure that expenditures are restricted to craft supplies, tea and masala chocolate
  • Keep hot water boiler full
  • Drink all teas equally
  • Have fresh flowers in Rm. 207, always!
  • Kill all gnats who attempt to make a home of our baby succulents
  • Make mad monies
  • Not forget etsy store
  • Not ball too hard at airport and on plane and first night at school and subsequent thoughts of family and friendses and this city... shit!
  • Find my super fly earphones
  • Wake up for breakfast
  • Maintain possession of cell phone throughout the night's events
  • Not lose any more goes-with-everything hoop earrings after ~$40 worth of many pairs gone
  • Savor Gillett maple yogurt
  • OxiClean everything!
  • Always proofread; constantly edit
  • Never edit bad memories
Just realized that none of these were re academics. It will happen! Think that in order to enforce spartan study habits, I ought to count aloud the obscene amount my parents are paying in this year's tuition, yes?... Worth the opp cost?

In other news, meeting at work on Tuesday with a potential artist for our gallery mrawr yess!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just looking at some prints:

Juicy, 8/yd

Lady Yang (funny since don't you actually know a bunch of ladies surnamed Yang), 8

Chinatown Toile at Flavor Paper, 150/roll

Flavor is this fantastic wallpaper company based out of New Orleans. Very vibrant, velly spicey.

Recent buys at Peapod Fabrics on 18th and Irving. Definitely Lillian's best show-and-tell ever! :) Hopefully will be wonderful bedding!

Full Bloom from Windham Fabrics at Peapod, 9.25

Nigella by Amy Butler for Rowan Fabrics at Peapod, 10.50 sale

hardcore cuddling

While looking up contoured body/my-favorite-pastime-is-cuddling pillows, I came across the "Hug Me Pillow." Is this hilarious or strictly disturbing?

I can only image reaching beyond the halved torso and being absolutely horrified. What a traumatic thing to realize every night. And why is there no female version! What use is a partial male torso for straight men and lesbians, diu!
Look at the rest of Huge Me Pillow's images for chills.

In any case, I want a huge, encompassing pillow so badly. Cuddle needs would be momentarily satisfied with one of these. So secure!

Total Body Wrap Pillow, 53

Sorry, who has satin sheets anymore?

Big craft projects coming! :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Green Street Cafe featured on AT re Dining Room Ideas from Chic Cafes (and once before)! Yay for Green St.
Just as the desire to go back to Smith sets in...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Graham & Green

G&G has one of those websites that you end up pathetically/lustfully spending hours browsing. Here are my favorites from such a session yesterday:

Regency Bone Stool, £350 as in this post on dark spaces

This should be very easy to make. Glue the bases of feathers around something round/hard, glue gun rope, loop through giant bead, more rope? Then you could choose your own feathers. A lot cheaper than whatever £32 converts into.

Interesting and kind of avant-garde, but I don't like. So many designers and (Urban Outfitters) are trying to do one of these three things with wall decor:
1. Mimic clutter with frame wallpaper
2. Conceal bookshelf supports like Umbra's
3. Frame everything (think framed TVs, framed plywood, framed blank or monochrome canvases...)
And it always ends up looking very much like a fad and and a poor decor choice.

In any case, I love how Graham & Green does glam/luxe!