Saturday, January 31, 2009


Some of my favorite dark rooms:

The black wall color of this study acts like an intense but clean backdrop for its furniture and accents. Botanical and wood - earth. Shit ton of natural light and fire - warmth and lurve.

This would be too much black for me, but I dig what looks like a black+white bathroom, the tufted canopy bed, and the fur throw. I don't like the black shag rug and the tufted bench. Too matchy-matchy isn't good unless it's fittingly ironic.

These Indian benches are so sexy and would be perfect in any dark space:

The above room is perfectly balanced out. The gilded benches are set against a gray wall on rough hardwood floors. All the taupe/beige in the room balances out the shine of the benches and the harshness of the black canopy bed's angles.

Here's another bench the all-black bedroom could have used instead of a mini version of the huge tufted bed:

Ooh you like that pop?! I feel like it's all a little off with the green (can't tell if that's marble or granite) floors, purple curtains, and yellow armless. Plus they're all patterned or textured in some way that you feel like they'd be highlighted more if in any other room. Ah, not sure what the think. Check out the high-gloss wall - really unexpected, I like!

The above-bed print is really old and out, but I love this peacock/teal wall color. Brass lighting casts a golden glow - like aurora borealis in your bedroom.


Quadrofoil will be big this year.

This room makes itself off of high-contrast colors. I like the rug and the rich blue wall color. If I remember correctly, the resident is a middle-aged bachelor dude and the space is a studio. The saarinen table acts as his dining/work/side table.

My parents would not be okay with this dusty arrangement, but I love how the open shelving looks here. It wouldn't be a problem at all if your kitchen is small enough and you don't allow yourself to collect so much shit bc nothing will be dusty as it's always in use.

And if you're planning on a dark bedroom, think about going pale gold or black silhouette with these two beds.

My dream bed from Graham and Green:

What I image as Belle de Jour's teenage bed:

What you've probably noticed about a lot of these dark rooms is how they have high ceilings and a great deal of natural light coming in from some angle. But ah, don't these things always help?


jo said...

what does your room look like now? anything new?

Thomas Riley York said...

Your dream bed looks like something Marie Antoinette would sleep in. I'm lusting after that bed pretty hard.

How much is it?