Sunday, January 25, 2009

best bars

Feel like every adult home needs a bar. Doesn't need to be a space intended especially for drinks or permanent, but a bar should make an appearance every so often.

Some stylin' styles:

A product of 1930s streamlining, the Parsons Table is credited to Jean-Michel Frank (related to Anne Frank!) and Parsons The New School of Design. Since then, the design characterized by four square legs that stand flush has been a favorite of modernism buffs and more traditional styles alike.
Crate+Barrel does a variation with travertine/glass tops.
Build your own of fiberboard/plywood or only order legs from Room+Board for a custom table top or see the Door Store for Parsons tables in any size/color.

With a drawer from West Elm, 200

This would be wonderful in Miles Redd's living room:

Adjustable High-Low Coffee Table and Bar


La Femme Chic said...

I love the golden bamboo table. I would buy it actually.

(Encyclo)lydia said...

I love that first room. Maybe it's the cityscape in the background that's drawing me in. But need more white furniture in my life...!
Have you checked out the spawn of Crate and Barrel, CB2? Their desks and tables make me giddy.
And you are right...boys are not necessary at all — and they are few and far between at Lowell (well, not as few as Smith) but I've gone to the past two formals boyless and I can't bring myself to go ALL OUT unless I have a date to take a tacky studio picture with and show my grandchildren in 60 years.
And blog names compose of a combination of words and our names FTW!