Monday, January 26, 2009

side tables

OH BOY - It's table surfaces part two!

If I were a little girl (and not, say, a twelve year-old boy), this side table in camel but especially elephant would be a dream addition to my bedroom.

Elephant Ceramic Side Table, Mermaid Hut - 199

Camel Ceramic Side Table, Mermaid Hut - 199

Round Ceramic Garden Stool, Pearl River - 155

Mermaid Hut offers it in other colors at two for 400 and the really ornate blue/white ones for 349, but you could really easily lacquer/spray paint this into any color you want. Nick Olsen featured an orange ceramic garden stool from the Well Appointed House for little Sasha's room.
$56 at Target!

Moroccan Drum Table, West Elm - 199

And for a bit o' GLAM:

Decal Square Drum Table, West Elm - 199

Bamboo Stool, Pearl River - 19.50

Ideal for a really small, super chill space. I like that the bamboo provides a rim - good for cups and earrings and bobby pins.

And because it's Lunar New Year:

Foldable Wooden Camp Stool, Pearl River - 19.50

Domino's current issue does a really awesome bit on entryways. One standout is an alternate take on the classic small cabinet, mirror, flowers and bowls, but with a Chinese cabinet. See how lamp complements cabinet? And blue opposes the reds, reinforced by pink adjacent room? The space is not overwhelmed with color though, the frames and doors are white, as are the lamp and vase.

Pearl River, once again, is AMAZING. They have an unbelievable range of Chinese and Tibetan cabinets and tables which vary in level of ornamentation. I would argue that these affordable examples of very traditional Asian furniture have silhouettes that are unmatched by any Western designs.

If like the Domino shot, you also have a narrow wall to use in your entryway, this little cabinet would be so striking:

Small Chinese Lacquered Cabinet, Pearl River - 275

Imagine any of the following three against a wall of supersaturated color. This first one should go against slate/black/dark jewel-toned blue or purple or red.

Chinese Antique Alter Table w Open-Work Carvings, Pearl River - 450

Tibetan Alter Cabinet, Pearl River - 295

Tibetan Alter Table w Three Drawers, Pearl River - 1500

And because this one is just pretty:

Chinese Lacquered Cabinet, Pearl River - 395

This is from a Domino gallery on bold color for which Tibet is famous.


R. Schwendeman said...

The small red Chinese Cabinets are just so easy to places for. They fit just about anywhere and can be used as bedside tables, in an entry way or even next to a Sofa.

lauriegraham said...

I like ancient looking pedestal tables and I have one too. They look so cute! I bought mine 2 months ago at Ballard Designs.