Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tim Walker

Tim Walker's exhibit at London's Design Museum is incredible. Every single shot is opulent as hell.

Reminds me of Baz Luhrmann (Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Australia, operas). Very Red Curtain Trilogy.

Prints for sale!!

Images that feel like they're lit from within.

Reminds me of How To Travel with a Salmon. Really enjoyed that book.

Drowned in glam... and alcohol:

So pretty:

"Imaginary, fantastic, bizarre" is exactly it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Cleaned out my closet and dresser in anticipation for smaller chest of drawers that I'm working on. Packed up my old clothes and adventured to Crossroads. Then headed to Goodwill to see if they had anything new.

I saw this print stuck in an ugly powder pink plastic frame marked for $5. I snapped it out of that thing and took it to the counter. Dude gave it to me after a bit of haggling for 99 cents, their lowest price. NICE

Where the hell should I put it though? Bathroom behind toilet? But I don't want it to get musky or fucked up.

I saw this wicker suit case from afar. Not damaged, but looks blase, sort of. But look inside omgah!

It's Grey Goose, somehow. The cobalt is shocking when you open the case and the gold chains holding the shells together stand out beautifully.

Nice print:

99 cent bottle I'm going to use as a vase. Or oil dispenser, but it's too pretty for that.

Good finds

UPDATE: Used picnic basket/case for Stern Grove Festival yesterday. Concert was AMAZING.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vinyl and Plastic

I like album covers. I also like to melt the vinyl and shape into bowls. It sounds like junk, but I like the wavies.

I hate white/vanilla/off-white switchboards. I went through a phase when I took a crapload of the switchboards in my house, sprayed them white, and drew on them with sharpies.

I hate how very yellow the plug part is. I didn't want to spray it because what if I spray the wall's private parts. That might be awkward/toxic/flammable. Or accessing the wall's private parts could just be electrifyingly fantastical.

So yellow ew.

Closet door. I just realized that I have two camel drawings in my room. This one based on an arabian cd.

Picasso camel

I got started on the chest of drawers I'm redoing in the afternoon today. I actually got a lot done in just an hour. I also have a gazillion pictures.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh, Shieet!

Last night was lazy, but I was totally in a productive mood when I got home today. I'd been given two sets of sheets for a queen bed (what I used to have). I'm not too keen on white sheets getting dingy, so I decided to rip off the elastic and sew two queen-sized sheets together for a blanket cover. White on white stripes on one side and a white+blue floral on the other side. Works well with my wall color and I can flip it if I get tired of one color. I love the fabric of the floral. It's soft like flannel but stays cool - like when you put your hands under your pillow.

So here are the sheets on my bed.

Got bored and took pictures of mai Rüm.

Thank you Jo/Sean for cleaning it/stuffing everything under my bed. She put the green suede journal under green lamp. I like that a lotsos.

Over bed: Baja Marimba Band - Watch Out! from the Goodwill.

Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Portuguese Washerwoman
Ghost Riders in the Sky
Somewhere My Love
Gay Ranchero

I can't believe something so old can be so goddamn relevant to SF, especially today. Yay for Today, by the way!

Curtains. Fo' free from my cousin. They're not wide enough to properly drape. Not long enough to trail on the floor like I like them to. Not nearly long enough.

This netting (Ikea curtains) used to hang above my bigger sleigh bed. I tied a long branch into a circle and attached it to the ceiling. It fell off once and my dad surpised me by replacing the branch (which I actually really liked) with a brass metal pipe he bent into a circle. Very sweet, but he only attached half the netting. The other two pieces of curtain are hidden somewhere. I didn't have the heart to tell him he'd forgotten to put on half the curtains.

So that's mah rüm and my new bedsheets. I really hope people aren't as creepy as I am because that would be bad for me.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Napa - Outlet Country

Went to Napa Outlets today with my mom, aunt, cousin Lillian, and reluctant male cousin Todd. Everyone in that town had such a sunny disposition that it pissed me off most of the day. Plus I had to pee the whole ride there. I ended up buying a few things that made the 9 hours totally worthwhile.

I tried on this ruffled black and red tartan shirt at J.Crew but it was too tight at the armpits. So I called up Jo because it's her size and too cheap to pass up ($9.97). But when I went to pay for it, there was another massive discount and it turned out to be a whopping $6.44!!! So fucking satisfying.

It might be a bit too ruffly, but I think would be sexy with minimalist jeans, black cord blazer, and little gold stud earrings. Top two buttons loose because Jo has nice collarbones. But I've always thought buttoning up all the way was geeky-hot hot hot.

After going round the entire plaza (I hate plazas and outdoor shopping places because it's like going on a new shopping expedition each time. The idea sound exhilarating, but after the 15th store, it's just monotonous and most things were hideous anyways.), Lillian and I ended up at Calvin Klein. Her and her husband's new year's resolution was to only buy used clothing. This beautifully embroidered sweater at Calvin Klein broke her after 6 fucking months. We are both boys and like shirts, especially ones with epaulets and tuxedo detailing. We each bought one of these shirts for $20. Hers in pale blue and mine in v crisp white.

My fish blanket cover that I made a few months ago :) Making new sheets tonight. For another post!

Nine West's shoes aren't always very durable, but they're dirt cheap. These burgundy and brown suede flats were $8 after sale:

Pretty damned satisfied.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


These fair maidens make some fine art prints. I know - I am creepy. Accept it dammit.

Pure sex:

No one else has ever made STDs/STIs so fucking hot.

Reminiscent of Les Mis whores' eyeshadow.

I love how everything focuses on her amidst all the clutter.

My cousin's in Cuba right now. Lucky bastard

I feel like an ass because I can't find the artist now, but this is fucking beautiful:


"That's all."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I like me some bookcases:

Pure genius.

Super simple. With a firm enough seat, you can make a coffee table out of just about anything. Look at the Louis chair! Now look at the floor and the interior of the tray. And then the horns and the couch. Book colors and pillows. Flores and books on table in distance. So fucking coordinated.

Hide your messy piles with art. Or use them as backdrops for structures of books.

My family's moved homes quite a lot. Every new house, I wouldn't give a shit about which room becomes my bedroom because that's workable. I run about looking for the perfect library/study. I've always wanted me an office. Lol "study." Can you get more pretentious? This setup is totally ideal. Hidden tv is cute.

Zebra rugs need to become obsolete. Unless it's like this:

Makes me swoon, fo reals.

If you already color code your closet, why not your books? It's more prominently on display anyay. I like how this person created order with color but mixed things up with the placement of art and directions. Symmetry with the chairs and pillows too!

Probably only achievable with a relatively high ceiling. Totally reminiscent of the scene in Beauty and the Beast (only animated movie to ever win Best Picture) when the Beast reveals the Library. The curtains are swept away to reveal ahhhh the books! Volumes and volumes! The curtain is so plush and gorgeous. I like that the rest of the furniture is shabby and really easy to replicate. All you need is one wall and some behind-the-couch room. Natural light would be good, too.

I love the dark/light juxtaposition in this room. The pale green and browns/black would otherwise make a really boring and overdone ensemble, but the details totally make this room. Curtains are iridescent and seem to be growing, trailing on the opposing dark floor. Hydrangeas are always perfect and one of my favorite flowers. The chairs! The bookcase is understated, which I like because the books are on show instead. Color through their bindings instead of a canvas. I use records as subject dividers between my books. I like how this person just placed it asymmetrically behind a stack.

Yeah, so I basically had an orgasm looking through all my bookcase pictures. Hope you had one too.