Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I like me some bookcases:

Pure genius.

Super simple. With a firm enough seat, you can make a coffee table out of just about anything. Look at the Louis chair! Now look at the floor and the interior of the tray. And then the horns and the couch. Book colors and pillows. Flores and books on table in distance. So fucking coordinated.

Hide your messy piles with art. Or use them as backdrops for structures of books.

My family's moved homes quite a lot. Every new house, I wouldn't give a shit about which room becomes my bedroom because that's workable. I run about looking for the perfect library/study. I've always wanted me an office. Lol "study." Can you get more pretentious? This setup is totally ideal. Hidden tv is cute.

Zebra rugs need to become obsolete. Unless it's like this:

Makes me swoon, fo reals.

If you already color code your closet, why not your books? It's more prominently on display anyay. I like how this person created order with color but mixed things up with the placement of art and directions. Symmetry with the chairs and pillows too!

Probably only achievable with a relatively high ceiling. Totally reminiscent of the scene in Beauty and the Beast (only animated movie to ever win Best Picture) when the Beast reveals the Library. The curtains are swept away to reveal ahhhh the books! Volumes and volumes! The curtain is so plush and gorgeous. I like that the rest of the furniture is shabby and really easy to replicate. All you need is one wall and some behind-the-couch room. Natural light would be good, too.

I love the dark/light juxtaposition in this room. The pale green and browns/black would otherwise make a really boring and overdone ensemble, but the details totally make this room. Curtains are iridescent and seem to be growing, trailing on the opposing dark floor. Hydrangeas are always perfect and one of my favorite flowers. The chairs! The bookcase is understated, which I like because the books are on show instead. Color through their bindings instead of a canvas. I use records as subject dividers between my books. I like how this person just placed it asymmetrically behind a stack.

Yeah, so I basically had an orgasm looking through all my bookcase pictures. Hope you had one too.


Ragamala said...

I feel that.

jMA said...

I lovvvve nicely laid out rooms