Friday, October 31, 2008

frames on ribbon

This is a brilliant idea. Given that the ribbon is strong enough, this would look so good on a small wall space or a corner. I love that it does minimal damage to your wall. If molding allows, you can even hang it through the crack between molding and ceiling. Might do this for my room at school.

From Elle Decoration South Africa

New bedside carafe from Salvation Army. It was still $4, but well worth it in utility. I love the anchor imprint. And the fact that it's slightly crooked! Ohg!
Gourds! One dark green, one ugly banana yellow painted three coats of white paint.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Last weekend in an email alert, I got an article from Washington Post about small, multipurpose furniture - DUH! Isn't that what citydwellers, college students, and families have been doing since forever?

This is their idea of stylishly compact. Fugly! I would hate for my home to look like a hotel. With ugly, grime-colored carpet and all. I don't like the shelving - way too high unless you have incredibly high ceilings. Too forboding. And they call it a "hutch." Ew.

I say bring back the secretaire. Or mechanical desks!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We have the exact same table at home in SF.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gold Bottom Dish from Up In the Air Somewhere. Handmade w an uneven lip and white earthenware on the inside. Would be so nice for jewelry on dresser or keys by entryway.
4.5" across and "each dish is totally unique with a slightly different shape."

Also in tiny version, platter and plate but w just gold lip.

If you're taking a ceramics class, DO IT! I am tempted to just decoupage w gold foil a cheap plastic white bowl. Or decoupage w slightly texturized paper (so paint will stick; also, texture nice!) then spray paint gold.

Another pale gold, this time w white, blue accents and dark wood. And green! Lovely corner.

2009 Letterpress Calendar from ink + wit. Love the colors and graphics all through site.

Waste basket made of potato chip bags! So cute!

And telephone wire bowls! What! Also from BTC Elements.

Super graphic earrings can be annoying, but I like these muchos. Wheat!

Even though I usually think of table runners in some sort of ugly brocade and as very want-to-be-bourgeois, this DwellStudio for Target table runner is really simple but finished. And cheap! - $9. I like the sharp/rounded corners.

Monday, October 20, 2008

etsy monday

Nina Simone!

Compiled spencils from Lake Illustration. And I don't even like pop art. Am going to do my own Nina Simone wo the neck part sometime.
The Bill Murray portrait is soo good!


People are liking themselves some petals.

Nani Marquina's Rose Rug from Design Within Reach. Fuck the shag rug! But overpriced, as per usual from DWR.

Felt cotton candy that becomes too focal. This light is just wtf. From the nest home.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


My friend A and I were discussing how much great legs change image w silhouette.

In point:

It's not about beautiful skin tone or The Tan. Certainly not about length. The ankles and gentle calves. The hardly attainable-ness of it is what kills most of us.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Thoughts while people-watching in Chicago's O'Hare:

O'Hare! Fucking Chicago! This is a fucking airport. Babies crying and large spaces filled with distressed chairs and tired people. This is an airport! I really like Chicago. Maybe I will apply here for law school so that the University of Chicago can do the honor or rejecting me.

Every time I see a middle-aged bald guy, I think it's Tom Colicchio.

man limp black suitcase. woman lip. white bag.

woman hands to head to ears, exasperated.


pilot w macdonalds. how unusual to serve sausage macmuffin at 7:46 pm. guess we both like breakfast foods!

black polo. left hand in pocket, right free and swinging.

apple pie walking alone hand to nose to throat.

coat over shoulder. messenger back on same shoulder, swing.

duty-free perfume!

white socks. nylon pants. haven't worn those since middle school!

an architect. looks like weiss from alias.

woman who looks like frau cho. aw frau cho. v cute. w old man w newsboy cap. i like you!!

a couple. old man and young woman. ew. (green card relationship)

old gansta chinese guy w military beret. dang!

grown woman w powder pink one shoulder backpack. shameful. you're not a grown woman!

ah. old couple sitting next to me now nuhh personal space!

guy in light blue shirt black jeans bit unshaven curly hair and tall. a bit tummy, but that's v much okay. manual camera. !!Ah


v g-looking family sitting across from me eating personal pizzas. sausage and tomato, chicken and mushroom, sausage and mushroom. yeahh!! all hobbits LOVE mushrooms. am down w this family. mother is blonde fitted jeans w minimal jewelry and burgundy cord blazer. father is relaxed, with intelligent eyes and feathered hair. glasses. son is in high school looks like. will be g-looking soon. maybe even right now. black ribbed crewneck sweater. must be a senior - the daddio is talking about colleges and apps. they're sf. aw he's taking ap comp gov't

oh god i just breathed deeply and cracked my back.

are all these people chicago or sf or where?


old businessman w silver hair and silver frames and v clean, well-fitting suit. looks like a machiavelli fox. i've seen him before! sf, two summers ago in the morning, walking in the financial district in sf. bet he's a brokeassbrotha now.

the family is talking about the economy. boy is faced toward father, discussing and equal. mother is perched and lisening. you should face your other, boy. he's also taking ap econ. demeaning the way he talks to his mother about bonds.

To finalize reasons for applying to U of Chicago, my phone gets great reception here.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Can't say how much I love airports. Neutral territory. Despite the fact that they give me the same feeling as hospitals (lemon-scented chemicals covering filth), I can't help but to love the pillars and donut shops and magazines and down-time. Duty-free perfume and hustle bustle. (I'll hustle your bustle!) Where else do you see strangers' footses?!!!!!!!1

I'm in Bradley International in Connecticut. Traded in my earlier flight for a later one - put me in first class and free roundtrip voucher! Muthasucka!!

Am sitting w the October W. People-watching really v enjoyable. People wear the ugliest shoes. And conferences should stop handing out free totes and messenger bags. Because now I know you've been to a useless conference for tech jobs in Utah and you had a urinary tract infection. Seeing your naked footses was all I really wanted.

There is a v suspicious-looking lady sitting too close to me. Sharing my plug - and my breathing space! Bah I want an airborne. She's wearing a black pinstrip suit, new balance sneakers w yellowed costco socks, a salmon (the graphic, nay the color. and even though i love those ties, dawaat!) and straggly bleached-blond hair. Wtf! Being all munchtastic w a red washington apple. I hate washington apples. Entirely mush.

Btw, Utterubbish has a UseLess Conference in Singapore. Meh heh hehh! I love it!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tosolini Residence, Concepts Interior Design

A TUNNEL! Ahh what I've always wanted. They're for kids but whatever, do what I want!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


ATSanFrancisco did a post on street noise. Included a picture of what could only be the N in my old hood in Inner Sunset. UGH I miss even the fucking street noises. I would love to hear an "approaching: inbound. two car. m. m. embarcadero. in. two. minutes" or drunk delinquents.

Northampton doesn't really have homeless people. Dawaat! Only hippie youths who would like to be as G as SF hobos.

Want to see the Museum of Sustainable Style in Chicago.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

lay lady lay

Headboards and frames

LOVE this one. Trompe l'oeil for a cheap weekend project. Although only doable if you're already limited on bed placement.

Comes in natural yellow-y wood. I would paint white for invisibility/a clean room, black for mod look/other statement.

Bahhh dream!

Scrumdiddlyumptious! Like minty Louis Vuitton. We learned about boudoirs of 18th century Parisian courtesans in art history today and this is a mini-ed/twin bed/more masculine version.

emo Belle de Jour:
Anthro birdcage:

Microsuede and brass buttons:

And sometimes you don't need a headboard:

If I come across a bit of cheap (or free!) fibreboard/particle board, I am definitely taking it. 3' x 3'? Enough to attach two legs and stand up behind my bed. I'd like to cover it in pleather/vinyl in creme, black, or light grey and stud along the border w smooth brass buttons. Fucking love grey!


I'M IN IT!! Episode 7 - there's hella me!

And I wore that coat today!