Friday, October 10, 2008

Can't say how much I love airports. Neutral territory. Despite the fact that they give me the same feeling as hospitals (lemon-scented chemicals covering filth), I can't help but to love the pillars and donut shops and magazines and down-time. Duty-free perfume and hustle bustle. (I'll hustle your bustle!) Where else do you see strangers' footses?!!!!!!!1

I'm in Bradley International in Connecticut. Traded in my earlier flight for a later one - put me in first class and free roundtrip voucher! Muthasucka!!

Am sitting w the October W. People-watching really v enjoyable. People wear the ugliest shoes. And conferences should stop handing out free totes and messenger bags. Because now I know you've been to a useless conference for tech jobs in Utah and you had a urinary tract infection. Seeing your naked footses was all I really wanted.

There is a v suspicious-looking lady sitting too close to me. Sharing my plug - and my breathing space! Bah I want an airborne. She's wearing a black pinstrip suit, new balance sneakers w yellowed costco socks, a salmon (the graphic, nay the color. and even though i love those ties, dawaat!) and straggly bleached-blond hair. Wtf! Being all munchtastic w a red washington apple. I hate washington apples. Entirely mush.

Btw, Utterubbish has a UseLess Conference in Singapore. Meh heh hehh! I love it!

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