Sunday, May 31, 2009


I made a notebook! This was a test run, made absolutely free with:
  • Scratch paper
  • An old album cover
  • Needle and thread
  • Elmer
  • Binder clips
  • A bit of elastic and ribbon
  • And of course, an onset of CRAFTYMOOD!
First folded pages individually to ensure consistent edges. Because I was using scratch paper that had been marked on one side, I played around with exposed faces and booklets before settling on uniform faces. Sewed each booklet of five leaves together at the fold, then sewed six booklets together at four points of the binding.

I used an old vinyl album cover for the bookcover. Don't hate! (Although I seem to have a history of destroying vinyls. Wutevuh, I do wut I want!) So I scored, folded, and trimmed...

Added a ribbon to the binding:

And a pocket to the back cover for tidbittish papers:

An elastic to the back. And donezo! Front:

Rear (lawl):

What a productive crafting session to end a fulfilling day of going to open houses around the City with my parents! Have to work on sewing the binding much more tightly and alter the placement of the elastic. Should also get a little border rounder to clip into uniform smooth edges.

Sorry, Chuck Mangione Quartet + Orchestra!

Lately I've been

Sharpening colored pencils.
Avoiding anything crafty besides making several postcards and thinking about making notebooks.
Gifting really belated Christmas gifts. Joe for Joe's wall:
Sitting, reading on the deck and unable to resist a bit of spying on the Nachbarn :)
In my first days at new workplace. Great space and so much natural light!
Thinking this is (at first glance) right, but I don't think anyone cares anymore.
Starting several books/Having no desire to continue reading them.
"Well. Hello, everybody. Hello! Hello there! When you’re all so nicely sitting there and listening to me, I’m deriving a great deal of pleasure from each and every one of you, as if you were chocolates I was eating.” - upcoming "Grasses of a Thousand Colors," Wallace Shawn

Monday, May 25, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009


Allow me to brag for a moment: I learned the other day that my little brother has a tempura painting on display at the De Young in an exhibit of SFUSD students' work. He, somehow, had not been aware of this and only noticed that his painting was on the wall while he and Mom were at the Museum. All I have to say is, SUCKA WHAT!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright LEGOs

If LEGOs had a monopoly on your childhood as well, time to bust a nut:

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Brickstructures, Inc. recently announced the production and distribution of FLW's Guggenheim and "Fallingwater." These additions to the Architecture line were released May 15 at the opening of the Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit: From Within Outward at the Guggenheim. BAH!

"Both exclusive Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO Architecture sets contain booklets that feature traditional building instructions along with exclusive archival historical material and photographs of each iconic building. " - Prairie Mod

Ethan, teeth-clenched: "Emmy, after I finish building my AT-TE Walker, if anyone touches it... UGH!"

Monday, May 18, 2009


The San Francisco Museum of Craft+Design
550 Sutter and Mason

This exists! I hadn't known.. you too?

The building was home to Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Salon in the '50s-'60s after a long run as an art/antiques store in the '20s. I love red/primary colors with light gray - the red door must have looked amazing. The Museum proudly "continues the legacy of showcasing objects of visual delight and sensation to our visitors." Delight and sensation? - Ohg yes!

Anyways, they're closed Mondays so I'll definitely be there tomorrow. I so 'cited!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best gift exchange ever!

We'd simultaneously gotten each other pointless little gifts out of pure love. Pure love!!

What I got Lillian and Tim because, well, you ought to see this post to undermastand:

$5, Park Life on Clement

They make v productive trips to Marshalls for cheap home decor and knew how hard I've lusted after this salt and pepper shaker set. What I've wanted for so long/blogged about several times:

$3.99 at Marshalls by Red Vanilla!

Otherwise, $30 at the MoMA Store by Alberto Mantilla. The copyright/design difference is in the placement of the face holes. The original MoMA version has them hugging; mine seem to be going in for a kiss. Cheers for $4 fakes!

Iz so happy wid mah new frenz!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Happy first, sweet sweet blog!

To celebrate, cake as I nearly always see it - halved and halved and nearly almost finished:

Have just remembered that there is Ethan-birthday-cake in the fridge. :)