Thursday, October 29, 2009


Love it so hard! Lauren and I had a tea party several weeks ago. This was perfect. This is perfect.

Mr. T available in several sizes on etsy by elloh (who went to RISD - mad legit!) for $15 and $35.


Doing furniture research for my dad. He's looking for chairs made of tubular steel and fabric. Coincidentally, my Modern Architecture and Design professor lectured about Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair and Mart Stam's cantilever chair the very next day! Among Breuer's many works, he designed the Campus Center and Garage at UMass Amherst next door to Smith! But I really don't think anyone likes Brutalism.

Wassily Chair, Marcel Breuer, 1925-6

(Wassily as in Kandinsky, although not named so by Breuer, but by the manufacturer.)

S 43 Cantilever Chair, Mart Stam

I seem to remember having a Mart Stam Cantilever Chair or similar when we were little, but some fatso sat on it and broke it.

Look at this Mies van der Rohe cutie:

My dad and I also had a great conversation about bathroom tiles: how subway tiles in traditional 1904-NYC are cute and travertine is out. YES! Family is so good.

Love these varying sizes/shapes of subway tile. And hexagonal floor tiles! I would have chosen a different wall color (dark gray blue? Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray?), but velly nice!

Also, check out this vertical use of gray subway tiles. Looks much better than you'd think, yes?

Frank Roop design+interiors!

And in metal! Walker Zanger:

Blegh travertine...

AT compiled this list of local subway tile sources (Floor Depot IS wonderful).

For realz homework/research now...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I bought delicious man fragrance the other day.

Gin & Tonic, Demeter Fragrances, 20

Gin and tonic?! YES YES YES. Although I've hardly worn it. And now I can't decide if it smells more like vomit-inducing Axe (which dudes, would only work on gross drunk girls) or MMM Tom Ford cologne for men.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Because leaving an ugly image as your top post is miserable. It's our same little antique ribbed milk glass lamp, used as party lighting for a bathroom!

I started off the week thinking I was prepared for classes/meetings/presentations, but I'm dying at Tuesday already. Shoot straight from the morning to 9:30pm to the library until it closes in the am. These are my days now! When did school get so discouraging?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lyman Mills/Open Square

I have a big mama paper to finish that's worth big mama points. So I'm going to procrastinate via this post about it. Somewhat of a productive means of procrastinating, yes'um?

Holyoke was one of the first industrial cities in the States and offers a bit of a microcosm of American industrial development. Rapid entry into textiles and paper...rapid disappearing of its economic base a century later.

This paper is on the architectural developments of the Lyman Mills and their accompanying workers' housing. Honestly not a particularly enthralling topic, but hot damn did I enjoy checking out the converted mill interiors!


This image definitely doesn't do the spaces justice. See the Open Square website for their residential lofts. High ceilings, open floor plan, hardwood flooring or concrete, SO MANY WINDOWS. Semicircle, etc. Mills/Factories were built with so many regular windows so that light could stream to the center of the floor to save on energy costs. Single floor-length curtain drawn across the expanse of the wall?

I obviously have a very romanticized HIMYM/Friends notion of this, but imagine all the subdivisional units for you and your future housemate friends. I still think the conglomerated Mock Family should live in a building together.

Also on the Holyoke mills: NYTimes, local historian/blogger, NPS.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My First Onesie

I'm not sure how to start this post. I can only say that this has been a moment several years in the making. Going to school on the East Coast guaranteed legit winters. And despite the fact that I have exceedingly hot feet at all times of the day, all times of the year, I am so happy that Target is finally carrying appropriately sized and printed onesies for an Emily like me. To be correct, I am a boy who fits pretty much perfectly into a L, for ages 10-12. Also, I am totally flame resistant/retardant. Retarded...retard...

Target, $10

And yes, I am wearing it right now.

However, the fleece onesie is not without its problems. I wish the sticky pads on the soles of the footsies had a little more friction. Perhaps there could be a little more fabric in the rear. Why are the footsies not unzippable? Wouldn't this look so much cuter with a little peter pan collar? Yes! And most of all - buttflap?! The bathroom is indescribably cold at night.

My friends have proposed all being gummy bears for Halloween. Granny Smith Apple Gummy Bear is not so sure how this will meld with her existing costume ideas, but yayzors for snuggling in fleece.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A solution:
There are two adjacent rolls of toilet paper in each stall of your school bathroom. You usually use the larger roll to ensure that both are equally/evenly treated.
Use the same number of squares for each one, of course!
But from which one do you take first?!
Roll dem Bs at the same time, sucka!

Lillian+Tim gave me Poo Log for one Christmas. It has served to forge and reinforce many a friendship. It's all inside! :)

I don't really know what happened to my craft+design blog.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Righting the world

On Wednesday, I subbed half my soul and declared for Art History, liked my outfit and got the ideal internship I desperately wanted. Yes, right? YES.

Walking home from meeting with my new adviser, I even decided to try skipping. Promptly stopped because this was weird in those shoes and I felt self-conscious before the squirrels. Hurrying up the back porch stairs, I saw the cutest chipmunk, missed the first step, and found myself and all my (frog-eyed, bag-lady) things heaped on top of the steps.

The world always does you right!

Now if Mountain Day can please happen...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hope your Sunday is going well, because I'm about to ruin it.

Micky Ds is coming to the Louvre.

Art snobbos are all aghast about this. Or you are like yours truly and find this horrible but horribly funny.

I won't deny that McDonald's ice coffees are actually very tasty, but it's going to be a pretty sad day when the golden arches become a fixture in the Carousel de Louvre. It's also hilarious that this is supposed to represent American gastronomy in this new world cuisines food court.

"Gimme dat Big N' Tasty!"


By the way, this little boy has more fat folds than Ethan and Ella combined. Can't believe his mama willingly feeds him this and then obliges to pry apart his flesh folds to rub out all the lint and gunk stuck way up in there.

Oh. Apparently there is already one across the street. I guess this voids my post. All the more iced coffees for everyone!