Thursday, October 29, 2009


Doing furniture research for my dad. He's looking for chairs made of tubular steel and fabric. Coincidentally, my Modern Architecture and Design professor lectured about Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair and Mart Stam's cantilever chair the very next day! Among Breuer's many works, he designed the Campus Center and Garage at UMass Amherst next door to Smith! But I really don't think anyone likes Brutalism.

Wassily Chair, Marcel Breuer, 1925-6

(Wassily as in Kandinsky, although not named so by Breuer, but by the manufacturer.)

S 43 Cantilever Chair, Mart Stam

I seem to remember having a Mart Stam Cantilever Chair or similar when we were little, but some fatso sat on it and broke it.

Look at this Mies van der Rohe cutie:

My dad and I also had a great conversation about bathroom tiles: how subway tiles in traditional 1904-NYC are cute and travertine is out. YES! Family is so good.

Love these varying sizes/shapes of subway tile. And hexagonal floor tiles! I would have chosen a different wall color (dark gray blue? Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray?), but velly nice!

Also, check out this vertical use of gray subway tiles. Looks much better than you'd think, yes?

Frank Roop design+interiors!

And in metal! Walker Zanger:

Blegh travertine...

AT compiled this list of local subway tile sources (Floor Depot IS wonderful).

For realz homework/research now...

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Thomas Riley York said...

design my future sf flat plz?

love the metal tiles.