Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hope your Sunday is going well, because I'm about to ruin it.

Micky Ds is coming to the Louvre.

Art snobbos are all aghast about this. Or you are like yours truly and find this horrible but horribly funny.

I won't deny that McDonald's ice coffees are actually very tasty, but it's going to be a pretty sad day when the golden arches become a fixture in the Carousel de Louvre. It's also hilarious that this is supposed to represent American gastronomy in this new world cuisines food court.

"Gimme dat Big N' Tasty!"


By the way, this little boy has more fat folds than Ethan and Ella combined. Can't believe his mama willingly feeds him this and then obliges to pry apart his flesh folds to rub out all the lint and gunk stuck way up in there.

Oh. Apparently there is already one across the street. I guess this voids my post. All the more iced coffees for everyone!

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