Monday, October 5, 2009

Righting the world

On Wednesday, I subbed half my soul and declared for Art History, liked my outfit and got the ideal internship I desperately wanted. Yes, right? YES.

Walking home from meeting with my new adviser, I even decided to try skipping. Promptly stopped because this was weird in those shoes and I felt self-conscious before the squirrels. Hurrying up the back porch stairs, I saw the cutest chipmunk, missed the first step, and found myself and all my (frog-eyed, bag-lady) things heaped on top of the steps.

The world always does you right!

Now if Mountain Day can please happen...


fazed-girl said...

Dear Em Mock,

Thanks a lot. The bulk of my tests are over, but I have an oral exam for linguistics tomorrow so I have been sitting on my couch practicing making clicks and funny Cantonese tones.

P. S. The squirrels are Always watching.

Anonymous said...


But don't tell Him up there that you know the secret. The job of squirrels would become obsolete.