Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Unless I go on the last day, I will miss this at the de Young. I'll see you there October 12!

Villa Medusa, in New York.

And then YSL at the de Young November 1 through April. Yeahh Winterbreak!

Monday, September 22, 2008

For Lillian and Bilbo

These are all cakes. Dawaat!

Happy birthday Lillian!!

I finally remembered this year. :) I used to only remember that September 22nd is Bilbo Baggins's birthday. Kind of a big deal though.

I Dream of Cake in North Beach is top notch, yo. I used to walk by everyday. My coworkers are probably keeping an eye out for their amazing window displays. Envious.
Hello to Health Foods Store's reflection - best beets in the world. Even better than Dwight's, I'm sure.

If I had no other marketable skills, I would use my love for food/sweets/pretty things/cake/empty calories to be a cake designy person.
I love you Lillian, Bilbo, and North Beach!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mah rum

Three windows! So much natural light!

The Roomie's:

Uncomfortably phallic vase:

The hydrangeas are different here.
Love the doorknobs so much bahh.
Antique secretary desk in the living room downstairs.
Old Morrisites:
These mail compartments aren't in use anymore, but ohg love them. I would like to have one at home's entryway for shoes, keys, gloves, lip balm, and succulent plants.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So that be Smith. Generally very green, very brick-ish. Brick is uncommon in San Francisco, except for ugly light brown buildings and unfortunate fireplaces.
Really impressed by the food. Extremo heavy. Constant food coma as well as general bloatedness.
Realized how much of a nerdo I am when the first thing I noticed on the cab from the airpor to Smith was how different the leaf shapes/numbers/shades. Promptly went back to watching meter because dude was bound to overcharge, the bastard.
The Unbelievably Gorgeous Building is Seeyle Hall, where I'm going to be taking most of my classes. I feel like Brideshead Revisted, slightly.