Saturday, August 16, 2008

you're so vain

There is a time to be vain and it is every morning, every night, and every time you walk by a reflective surface.

Doesn't it seem like every evil wife in movies has a vanity? Her throne for beautifying and for plotting.

The unnecessary and luxurious corners:

These walls are v easily taped and painted. Would be v fun to do.

Mirrored surfaces are pretty huge right now. Fad or not?
I guess all the more surface area with which to look at yourself.
Chair looks bit like mine, but way more gilded, way classier.

Like the vanity/desk itself; chair fugly.

Skirting makes the chair look like Charlotte York, ja?

Lucite could be v nice if you aren't too clutterfull.

From Domino mostly, of course.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

let there be light fixtures!

Cannot believe this is $79 + at west elm when really just 30 minute diy project. Glue-soaked twine over a balloon. Dry, pop in a lighting set. For realies!

Canton floor lamp
To be filled. Even though seasonal stuff is annoying, dead branches or fresh flowers could be beautiful in this. Cherry blossoms!
I wonder if liquids would be alright with the cord. Then Jo could do goldfish. Electric eel!

Baldwin Floor lamp - v much Belle de Jour.

Photographer's task lamp

Also available in tripod. Looks a bit like E.T.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

outdoor spaces

Bunch of saris sewn together. Beautiful birdcage - and the chairs are nice, but bit too girly for me.

Weasley tent, anyone?

All the colors are insanely coordinated. And mismatched lanterns are the best.

So expansive. As a sky to keep the sun out!

Ohg!! But I imagine this as a setting for debauchery and unruly activity. Makes me think of Humbert Humbert and Lolita. How pervy of me. Although they wouldn't do this at all.
Or this is what Jake and Brett would have had if they were in Burguete together? Beating up Cohn would be perfect here. Maybe knock over a few candles..raging fire..apocalyptic tragedy --> the Scorching of The Shire? With hobbit waiters!

Definitely love the billowing.

Many of these outdoor spaces were stolenened from Domino.

Outdoor rooms, more than anything.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

up yours, canadia!

New vebsite deehskahvarlee!! It's called uptoyoutoronto (wha?!).

Baby Asswipe

Normally I am very startled by babies/toddlers/rabies, but isn't this baby shirt just annoyingly witty?

This has to be japanese, right?

The efficiency is mind-boggling. And I hate sticky things on shower walls. Poor walls. And it gets gunky.

I guess I have a thing for salt and pepper shakers. But these are MARACAS! How very savory AND spicey!

Basically Quentin Compson.

Friday, August 1, 2008

cb2 OPENED!! Finally! My dear buys:

I've lusted over the cb2 catalogue for a bajillion years, but I've been too frugal to pay for shipping. Yesterday as I was walking to the bus stop, I saw the door open and kind of squealed. Must have been startling/annoying. I didn't bring moolah - diu.
So I went today after work. Oh my god it was so satisfying.

As cheap as the lumiere candleholders are, the glass was weak.