Saturday, August 16, 2008

you're so vain

There is a time to be vain and it is every morning, every night, and every time you walk by a reflective surface.

Doesn't it seem like every evil wife in movies has a vanity? Her throne for beautifying and for plotting.

The unnecessary and luxurious corners:

These walls are v easily taped and painted. Would be v fun to do.

Mirrored surfaces are pretty huge right now. Fad or not?
I guess all the more surface area with which to look at yourself.
Chair looks bit like mine, but way more gilded, way classier.

Like the vanity/desk itself; chair fugly.

Skirting makes the chair look like Charlotte York, ja?

Lucite could be v nice if you aren't too clutterfull.

From Domino mostly, of course.


Richel said...

I kind of like lucite. on shoes. it's slutty but kind of hot.

Richel said...

Emily, I'm going to paint my (once Riza and Rhea's) new room. What color do you think will be nice?

Richel said...

Emily is leaving Richel in San Francisco. I hope you have a good time in Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

you are def. the first one i'd call if i need a room/house/apartment decorated because 1) it'd look so pretty and 2) i'd hire you under the table.