Wednesday, August 6, 2008

outdoor spaces

Bunch of saris sewn together. Beautiful birdcage - and the chairs are nice, but bit too girly for me.

Weasley tent, anyone?

All the colors are insanely coordinated. And mismatched lanterns are the best.

So expansive. As a sky to keep the sun out!

Ohg!! But I imagine this as a setting for debauchery and unruly activity. Makes me think of Humbert Humbert and Lolita. How pervy of me. Although they wouldn't do this at all.
Or this is what Jake and Brett would have had if they were in Burguete together? Beating up Cohn would be perfect here. Maybe knock over a few candles..raging fire..apocalyptic tragedy --> the Scorching of The Shire? With hobbit waiters!

Definitely love the billowing.

Many of these outdoor spaces were stolenened from Domino.

Outdoor rooms, more than anything.


Richel said...

These are so fantastically West Egg that I'd be surprised if Gatsby and his hot ass didn't like any of them.

missie.eng said...

Your literary references are making me giggle.

I call the Weasley tent.

(Gatsby and his hot ass. AHAHAHA. In my mind.)