Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Beekman

So I hadn't heard about this new Frank Gehry building until I saw it near a friend's apartment:

There was a hilarious review of starchitect/Big Head's design in am New York the other morning. Will find the exact quote and commentator, but something to the effect of its resembling "an elegant woman in a Miyake dress wearing Ugg boots" for its six levels of brick at pedestrian view.
Mmm man that is good! Take that, Frank Gehry! How do I phoneticize (word?) that sharp intake of breath through a split frown? You know you know.

Image: Artadox

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cockroach Count: 4

I drink as much water as I always have, but have not, as per usual, been peeing like mad. This is because this climate makes me sweat so much with inactivity that my glasses are constantly foggy. Maybe sit in a vat of ice water? Wow how nice would that be if I did that whilst being attended to by a lazy Susan/sushi boat-type device rotating a sewing machine, a computer, a minibar, and three screens showing Jeeves and Wooster, Martha, and The Graham Norton Show?! Ohg, a girl can dream.

Bedecked a pair of white Ikea curtains for my dorm room a few weeks ago that I have yet to take photos of... Will do! Maybe not today, as I have ADORABLE postcards to respond to, thank you very much!, and a several gallons of water to consume. :)

Stumped Again, Part II

Not quite the right hue in this image, but since this is a pretty heavy home decor fabric, Lillian suggested a book bag with notebook cover and pencil case.. I likey likey!

Ribbons Floral in Porch, County Fair, Denyse Schmidt Designs

Monday, July 5, 2010

I did today what I did all summer when I was twelve: sit around reading fantasy and sci/fi novels, eat all the fruit/snacks in the house, and avoid getting properly dressed. I even contemplated seeing if CMC is still running. Then I laid out all the uncut fabric I have around and stared at this medley for an hour. Other than paint my nails, that is about it.
Maybe I'll take a walk around the block.


I think I miss work. SCHOOL. And friends who are out of my reach!

stumped by adorable print again

Too cute to cut, I'm afraid. What should I make with it?!

Minny Muu Collection, printed by Lecien
from Peapod

This is why you shouldn't buy fabrics with nothing particular in mind to make!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pretty torturous flight to SF. I  usually try to get an aisle seat because I pee so often, but got barricaded by an old dude flying in scrubs (I guess it would be really comfy) and a too-interested-in-my-life dude. I tried to refrain from consuming liquids the entire five and a half hours as I adhered myself to the window trying to come up with one-word answers other than "no," "yes" and *glare.*

Oy, I'll stop complaining. We started the day by picking up kitchen cabinets and finally selecting counter tops. Then went to Trimark Economy Restaurant Fixtures to look for a stove, on to Building REsources, SF Antique and Design Mall, Japantown for Lillian's favorite Japanese home and craft magazines, and finally, stinky tofu at Spices. And tomorrow we're going to the flea market in Alameda! We're all ecstatic about the possibilities!

Ah... I'm so happy that it seems all members of my family have the same need to scrap and craft!