Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pretty torturous flight to SF. I  usually try to get an aisle seat because I pee so often, but got barricaded by an old dude flying in scrubs (I guess it would be really comfy) and a too-interested-in-my-life dude. I tried to refrain from consuming liquids the entire five and a half hours as I adhered myself to the window trying to come up with one-word answers other than "no," "yes" and *glare.*

Oy, I'll stop complaining. We started the day by picking up kitchen cabinets and finally selecting counter tops. Then went to Trimark Economy Restaurant Fixtures to look for a stove, on to Building REsources, SF Antique and Design Mall, Japantown for Lillian's favorite Japanese home and craft magazines, and finally, stinky tofu at Spices. And tomorrow we're going to the flea market in Alameda! We're all ecstatic about the possibilities!

Ah... I'm so happy that it seems all members of my family have the same need to scrap and craft!


C. C. Mock said...

I think it's we are just hoarders

mockumentary said...

Tasteful hoarders, I would hope!

William said...

Your hoarding mentality will soon turn from useful things to merely tasteful things, then from tasteful things to merely junk. Let us observe my father: no Danish cookie container left unfilled with nails or screws, no tupperware left unfilled with week old pastries.