Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cockroach Count: 4

I drink as much water as I always have, but have not, as per usual, been peeing like mad. This is because this climate makes me sweat so much with inactivity that my glasses are constantly foggy. Maybe sit in a vat of ice water? Wow how nice would that be if I did that whilst being attended to by a lazy Susan/sushi boat-type device rotating a sewing machine, a computer, a minibar, and three screens showing Jeeves and Wooster, Martha, and The Graham Norton Show?! Ohg, a girl can dream.

Bedecked a pair of white Ikea curtains for my dorm room a few weeks ago that I have yet to take photos of... Will do! Maybe not today, as I have ADORABLE postcards to respond to, thank you very much!, and a several gallons of water to consume. :)

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