Sunday, August 10, 2008

let there be light fixtures!

Cannot believe this is $79 + at west elm when really just 30 minute diy project. Glue-soaked twine over a balloon. Dry, pop in a lighting set. For realies!

Canton floor lamp
To be filled. Even though seasonal stuff is annoying, dead branches or fresh flowers could be beautiful in this. Cherry blossoms!
I wonder if liquids would be alright with the cord. Then Jo could do goldfish. Electric eel!

Baldwin Floor lamp - v much Belle de Jour.

Photographer's task lamp

Also available in tripod. Looks a bit like E.T.


Richel said...

Baldwin Floor lamp - v much Belle de Jour.
Very much S&M Belle de Jour.

Connie, who blinked said...

your blog is adorable.
and that carton vase is incredible. i'm tempted to get one for my apartment.

jo said...

hell yaaa! i'd fish it