Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So that be Smith. Generally very green, very brick-ish. Brick is uncommon in San Francisco, except for ugly light brown buildings and unfortunate fireplaces.
Really impressed by the food. Extremo heavy. Constant food coma as well as general bloatedness.
Realized how much of a nerdo I am when the first thing I noticed on the cab from the airpor to Smith was how different the leaf shapes/numbers/shades. Promptly went back to watching meter because dude was bound to overcharge, the bastard.
The Unbelievably Gorgeous Building is Seeyle Hall, where I'm going to be taking most of my classes. I feel like Brideshead Revisted, slightly.


C. C. Mock said...

Very quaint!!!

Try to control your food intake. You can't claim you're eating for 2 :)

Richel said...

whoa, i wonder what massive (could possibly be a reference to the food...) intellectuals think behind those ivy covered walls.

Anonymous said...

chinatown is made out of brick! you should come visit me there!

and smith is pretty pretty. p.s. what are you doing there?

Sandra said...

Smith looks awesome... Too bad i don't have a camera to take pictures of Purchase. It would suck compared to that anyway!

jo said...