Monday, September 22, 2008

For Lillian and Bilbo

These are all cakes. Dawaat!

Happy birthday Lillian!!

I finally remembered this year. :) I used to only remember that September 22nd is Bilbo Baggins's birthday. Kind of a big deal though.

I Dream of Cake in North Beach is top notch, yo. I used to walk by everyday. My coworkers are probably keeping an eye out for their amazing window displays. Envious.
Hello to Health Foods Store's reflection - best beets in the world. Even better than Dwight's, I'm sure.

If I had no other marketable skills, I would use my love for food/sweets/pretty things/cake/empty calories to be a cake designy person.
I love you Lillian, Bilbo, and North Beach!

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C. C. Mock said...

I am sooooo touched! Can't believe I made it onto the Blog again! I truly feel special!!!