Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My First Onesie

I'm not sure how to start this post. I can only say that this has been a moment several years in the making. Going to school on the East Coast guaranteed legit winters. And despite the fact that I have exceedingly hot feet at all times of the day, all times of the year, I am so happy that Target is finally carrying appropriately sized and printed onesies for an Emily like me. To be correct, I am a boy who fits pretty much perfectly into a L, for ages 10-12. Also, I am totally flame resistant/retardant. Retarded...retard...

Target, $10

And yes, I am wearing it right now.

However, the fleece onesie is not without its problems. I wish the sticky pads on the soles of the footsies had a little more friction. Perhaps there could be a little more fabric in the rear. Why are the footsies not unzippable? Wouldn't this look so much cuter with a little peter pan collar? Yes! And most of all - buttflap?! The bathroom is indescribably cold at night.

My friends have proposed all being gummy bears for Halloween. Granny Smith Apple Gummy Bear is not so sure how this will meld with her existing costume ideas, but yayzors for snuggling in fleece.


Thomas Riley York said...

You should make... onesies in adult sizes. I'd be down for patterns, and real sticky pads. In a men's M plzzzzz.

Crap, Dan Deacon is playing at Treasure Island, but I'm le broke. ://////

jo said...

how are you gona be a gummy bear?? funny though!

C. C. Mock said...

Your dream came true! Unbelievable
I want one too
Target run on the weekend

fazed-girl said...

Mine is also from Target and it has spaceships. It glows in the dark. LOVE!

Anonymous said...