Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vinyl and Plastic

I like album covers. I also like to melt the vinyl and shape into bowls. It sounds like junk, but I like the wavies.

I hate white/vanilla/off-white switchboards. I went through a phase when I took a crapload of the switchboards in my house, sprayed them white, and drew on them with sharpies.

I hate how very yellow the plug part is. I didn't want to spray it because what if I spray the wall's private parts. That might be awkward/toxic/flammable. Or accessing the wall's private parts could just be electrifyingly fantastical.

So yellow ew.

Closet door. I just realized that I have two camel drawings in my room. This one based on an arabian cd.

Picasso camel

I got started on the chest of drawers I'm redoing in the afternoon today. I actually got a lot done in just an hour. I also have a gazillion pictures.


jo said...

oral cricket

Joe the Cat said...

those switchboards are fantastical.


please make me a camel. like the picasso one.

Ronda said...

This is great info to know.