Sunday, June 15, 2008

Napa - Outlet Country

Went to Napa Outlets today with my mom, aunt, cousin Lillian, and reluctant male cousin Todd. Everyone in that town had such a sunny disposition that it pissed me off most of the day. Plus I had to pee the whole ride there. I ended up buying a few things that made the 9 hours totally worthwhile.

I tried on this ruffled black and red tartan shirt at J.Crew but it was too tight at the armpits. So I called up Jo because it's her size and too cheap to pass up ($9.97). But when I went to pay for it, there was another massive discount and it turned out to be a whopping $6.44!!! So fucking satisfying.

It might be a bit too ruffly, but I think would be sexy with minimalist jeans, black cord blazer, and little gold stud earrings. Top two buttons loose because Jo has nice collarbones. But I've always thought buttoning up all the way was geeky-hot hot hot.

After going round the entire plaza (I hate plazas and outdoor shopping places because it's like going on a new shopping expedition each time. The idea sound exhilarating, but after the 15th store, it's just monotonous and most things were hideous anyways.), Lillian and I ended up at Calvin Klein. Her and her husband's new year's resolution was to only buy used clothing. This beautifully embroidered sweater at Calvin Klein broke her after 6 fucking months. We are both boys and like shirts, especially ones with epaulets and tuxedo detailing. We each bought one of these shirts for $20. Hers in pale blue and mine in v crisp white.

My fish blanket cover that I made a few months ago :) Making new sheets tonight. For another post!

Nine West's shoes aren't always very durable, but they're dirt cheap. These burgundy and brown suede flats were $8 after sale:

Pretty damned satisfied.


jo said...

make thos sheeeeets

Ragamala said...

I'm too tiny/young to be sexy in crisp linen shirts. Damn you, Mockster and your filled out-ness.

jMA said...

every thing was so effing cheap!! ur goodddd...i like the ruffled jcrew best