Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Cleaned out my closet and dresser in anticipation for smaller chest of drawers that I'm working on. Packed up my old clothes and adventured to Crossroads. Then headed to Goodwill to see if they had anything new.

I saw this print stuck in an ugly powder pink plastic frame marked for $5. I snapped it out of that thing and took it to the counter. Dude gave it to me after a bit of haggling for 99 cents, their lowest price. NICE

Where the hell should I put it though? Bathroom behind toilet? But I don't want it to get musky or fucked up.

I saw this wicker suit case from afar. Not damaged, but looks blase, sort of. But look inside omgah!

It's Grey Goose, somehow. The cobalt is shocking when you open the case and the gold chains holding the shells together stand out beautifully.

Nice print:

99 cent bottle I'm going to use as a vase. Or oil dispenser, but it's too pretty for that.

Good finds

UPDATE: Used picnic basket/case for Stern Grove Festival yesterday. Concert was AMAZING.


jo said...

dude you were so productive today.

Ragamala said...

which goodwill do you usually go to?

cotton candy said...

wow, i just get amazingly jealous when i see that others have found such wonderful stuff that i would like to make as my own. lol. oh dear.

i just love what you've found - that suitcase and that jar/jug thing - i would use it as a vase.

Mikkle said...

that wicker suitcase is amazing!

Dennis Ho said...

HAHA! I keep doing that. ok link fixed.

B said...

Cute basket.