Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh, Shieet!

Last night was lazy, but I was totally in a productive mood when I got home today. I'd been given two sets of sheets for a queen bed (what I used to have). I'm not too keen on white sheets getting dingy, so I decided to rip off the elastic and sew two queen-sized sheets together for a blanket cover. White on white stripes on one side and a white+blue floral on the other side. Works well with my wall color and I can flip it if I get tired of one color. I love the fabric of the floral. It's soft like flannel but stays cool - like when you put your hands under your pillow.

So here are the sheets on my bed.

Got bored and took pictures of mai Rüm.

Thank you Jo/Sean for cleaning it/stuffing everything under my bed. She put the green suede journal under green lamp. I like that a lotsos.

Over bed: Baja Marimba Band - Watch Out! from the Goodwill.

Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Portuguese Washerwoman
Ghost Riders in the Sky
Somewhere My Love
Gay Ranchero

I can't believe something so old can be so goddamn relevant to SF, especially today. Yay for Today, by the way!

Curtains. Fo' free from my cousin. They're not wide enough to properly drape. Not long enough to trail on the floor like I like them to. Not nearly long enough.

This netting (Ikea curtains) used to hang above my bigger sleigh bed. I tied a long branch into a circle and attached it to the ceiling. It fell off once and my dad surpised me by replacing the branch (which I actually really liked) with a brass metal pipe he bent into a circle. Very sweet, but he only attached half the netting. The other two pieces of curtain are hidden somewhere. I didn't have the heart to tell him he'd forgotten to put on half the curtains.

So that's mah rüm and my new bedsheets. I really hope people aren't as creepy as I am because that would be bad for me.


Ragamala said...

the first picture of your room is very much like those found in the anthropologie catalogs.

It also reminds me a little of Riza and Rhea's room in that you have very hip literature at your bedside and floral bed sheets.

jo said...

shout out!

augh my closet collapsed. i want to paint the closet floor yellow.