Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best gift exchange ever!

We'd simultaneously gotten each other pointless little gifts out of pure love. Pure love!!

What I got Lillian and Tim because, well, you ought to see this post to undermastand:

$5, Park Life on Clement

They make v productive trips to Marshalls for cheap home decor and knew how hard I've lusted after this salt and pepper shaker set. What I've wanted for so long/blogged about several times:

$3.99 at Marshalls by Red Vanilla!

Otherwise, $30 at the MoMA Store by Alberto Mantilla. The copyright/design difference is in the placement of the face holes. The original MoMA version has them hugging; mine seem to be going in for a kiss. Cheers for $4 fakes!

Iz so happy wid mah new frenz!

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jo said...

hahaha finally! such a good feeling!