Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gold Bottom Dish from Up In the Air Somewhere. Handmade w an uneven lip and white earthenware on the inside. Would be so nice for jewelry on dresser or keys by entryway.
4.5" across and "each dish is totally unique with a slightly different shape."

Also in tiny version, platter and plate but w just gold lip.

If you're taking a ceramics class, DO IT! I am tempted to just decoupage w gold foil a cheap plastic white bowl. Or decoupage w slightly texturized paper (so paint will stick; also, texture nice!) then spray paint gold.

Another pale gold, this time w white, blue accents and dark wood. And green! Lovely corner.

2009 Letterpress Calendar from ink + wit. Love the colors and graphics all through site.

Waste basket made of potato chip bags! So cute!

And telephone wire bowls! What! Also from BTC Elements.

Super graphic earrings can be annoying, but I like these muchos. Wheat!

Even though I usually think of table runners in some sort of ugly brocade and as very want-to-be-bourgeois, this DwellStudio for Target table runner is really simple but finished. And cheap! - $9. I like the sharp/rounded corners.

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