Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Artificially natural

Taxidermy is beautiful, but I can't stand all the dead things people surround themselves with in their homes. It's always so blatant and flashy. But when you've got a wall covered with an assortment of plastic turtle shells, so nice. It's easy to imitate nature without taking from it. Don't worry - I will never go vegan.

I hate the antler crap. My neighbors across the street have one in their foyer facing the street. They always leave their door open (not so smart in my hood) and I have the pleasure of peaking into their interior. Very nicely done but they have those white antlers that are unfortunately, everywhere. There are exceptions though, this Ghost Antler coat rack is so creepily cool. Would be even creepier if it glowed from within like those Ikea lights from a few years ago.

This slab of wood is so beautiful. I don't understand why the designer attached such disgusting spindly legs. Such a sad understatement. Hope the tree was dead already.

I was checking out the before and afters at Domino, and this mirror caught my eye. Much like another bathroom from another Domino gallery, drift wood, or the looks of it, look damn good in a clean, well-lighted place. Pale like birch planters. V trendy, I know, but I like. I also like coral. Solly.

Unnatural, but kind of neat:

Also v crunchy, I would think. You could not take a nap on this. Way too much crunchy and it would probably induce pollution nightmares. Think of all the furniture you could make out of that floating plastic continent in the Pacific!


jo said...

looks like your bathroom mirror but cooler.

jo said...

hahah senior special