Monday, May 12, 2008

that's me on the wall

Might be appropriate for my first blog entry to be about me. Me as in my DNA. Apparently, you, me, and your houseplants can all be made into freaking art!

If you're too homely for a portrait, this will have to do, eh?

Speaking of houseplants, I was looking at my grandma's orchids today and those things are a bunch of shameless sluts. Splayed open with veerry suspiciously distinctive features! Look closely, but not too closely because then you'll just blush furiously like I did. It was a pretty awkward moment with myself.
Bees are floraphiles, the dirty bastards.
Does that mean that female bees are lesbian then?

Some complete skanks:

Menstrual, anyone?

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Emily Mock said...

Hi, so my dad tipped me off to this blog. Supposedly your name is Emily Mock. Which is really neat, because my name is Emily Mock. I think your blog is pretty cool.