Monday, May 12, 2008

your face!

The other day while I was doing math homework, I found that I kept farting like crazy! You know, with helicopter consistency. I got to thinking how much it would suck if the wood under my butt could breathe or if the chair was actually a human transfigured by an evil witch-hag. Poor buddy!

And then I knew! Decoupage a chair with a FACE! Squirming! It would be situational irony every time I saw down. I've always wanted to decoupage a table surface or an entire chair. But this is just too good.

Something like this combo:
We have a whole bunch of simple dinner table chairs like this that everyone seemed to have in the '90s. A little sanding, black (or plum or Hermes orange, I can't decide) paint, and DECOUPAGE!! Any wooden or plastic chair would work in fact, - I'll keep an eye out for freebies in my hood. The face, whether it's 2 or not, has to pop like 3's coasters from Pearl River (only $2!)

Btw, I love Reuters for "wtf?!" stuff like this.

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missie.eng said...

WOW you should totally do this. I love clever design.