Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ork, not pork

These neighborhood prints from Ork Posters are the coolest shit in the world. I tried to copy it once but failed pretty miserably.

I like it in green.

When I was little, I thought farms were barns - and that's it. We lived in San Leandro where there are actual backyards. My dad built a barn thing for the dogs that we bred. I figured I lived on a farm what with the barn and Old MacDonald's dogs. I wanted our farm to be complete - to have a pig! I normally don't care for cute things, but miniature pot-belly pigs make me feel cuddly.

Okay, so they kind of look like albino aliens but I think they're damn adorable. Much sturdier than a stupid chihuahua.
I like their double chins.
I'd get two spotted piglets. Their names would be Flatulence and Feces.
I'm still afraid that my dad would eat them. So no Flatulence or Feces until I'm rich and live alone or with other people who will love Flatulence and Feces, not pork. No pork!

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