Tuesday, January 6, 2009

let there be light fixtures, part 2

Citron Petite Laser Cut Chandelier, Brocade Home - $349

Celadon Crystal Chandelier, Brocade Home - $399

Septim, Ikea - $25

Aläng, Ikea - $40
Bukt, Ikea - $40

What the hell? Worm of Light? I suppose it could be useful for a light-up edition of the human anatomy for the large intestines. Bukt is filled with light diodes that have 50x longer life than incandescent bulbs, consume less energy, and never have to be replaced.
But really, creepy as hell and too ugly-phallic. Nearly as fugly as Ikea's male and female shaped floor lamps.

Kulla!, Ikea - $90

I like this one A LOT. Totally have it for anything high gloss. I also like that it's uniformly black. Also in desk lamp!!

Jonsbo Asarp, Ikea - $60

With a fat grosgrain ribbon at the shade's rim - color changeable.
Going to end now. Is Blogger taking undoing all your links too? Too frustrating not going to bother.

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