Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My name is Emily, my roommate is Lauren - and we're addicts.

For oddly textured, questionably labelled, melting, LUSCIOUS chocolate THAT IS!!

Some highlights from a semester of wasting money and instant, fleeting gratification:

Labooko chocolates are produced in Austria and have awesome packaging (PLUS it matches my blog colors). Lauren's had horse milk chocolate and says it's pretty damn good (makes me think of Horsetears, Goldfrapp). The above is the only type I've tried but I LOVE IT SO GOOD - made from sheep milk and meant to be a substitute for no-cows.

The 50% side is made of "cocoa from Nicaragua and Peru also a pinch of salt and walnuts also set accents." The 60% Hot Sheep side contains Birds Eye Chili "und ist selten, feurig und voller Aromen" - rare, fiery, and full of A-ROH-MAH!

Mmm thanks Anastasia for a delicious Christmas present.

Next to stinky tofu, this is one of the best "weird" things I've ever eaten. Firecracker is a 60% cocoa bar with salt, chipotle, and POP ROCKS. It feels so cool with the spice and salt and popping oh god. Get the sensation OH LORD! Pricier than the rest of the bars shown at about $6, but a bajillion times cooler.

We started buying these Dolfin bars because they're relatively cheap at about $2.69. Then we realized that they have an delightfully alarming number of variations.

The best of which is HOT MASALA!! It's made a little too sweet because it's milk chocolate, and it's also not spicey like you'd expect and how I like, but oh man. It's sweet but certainly not saccharine - at once melting, luscious, and you taste the cardamom, cinnamon, clove and ginger singly.

Within the other Dolfin varieties, earl grey is really fragrant, but only that. Pink peppercorn contains rose - also smells better than it tastes. What I really want to try is fresh ginger. I want me some zing!
Vat you like?

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jo said...

STILL savoring my masala. thankksss