Thursday, August 6, 2009

Graham & Green

G&G has one of those websites that you end up pathetically/lustfully spending hours browsing. Here are my favorites from such a session yesterday:

Regency Bone Stool, £350 as in this post on dark spaces

This should be very easy to make. Glue the bases of feathers around something round/hard, glue gun rope, loop through giant bead, more rope? Then you could choose your own feathers. A lot cheaper than whatever £32 converts into.

Interesting and kind of avant-garde, but I don't like. So many designers and (Urban Outfitters) are trying to do one of these three things with wall decor:
1. Mimic clutter with frame wallpaper
2. Conceal bookshelf supports like Umbra's
3. Frame everything (think framed TVs, framed plywood, framed blank or monochrome canvases...)
And it always ends up looking very much like a fad and and a poor decor choice.

In any case, I love how Graham & Green does glam/luxe!

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C. C. Mock said...

Love the book shelves. Maybe we can implement them in Ella's room in the future.