Thursday, July 30, 2009

happy feet

I spent the last several days stitching these felt slippers for Lillian, Tim and Ella. It's Ella's 100th day picnic-party in Golden Gate Park this weekend, coinciding perfectly with Tim's birthday.

All the fluffies of the felt kept getting in my mouth and throat - eugh. Thank goodness for nostril hairs.

The template is from that DAB Martha. I added three layers of fleece in the soles for added comfywomfyness :)

Waiting for them to come home!

The instructions called for interfacing, but this would only work with the sort of interfacing that is already adhesive one side and then ironed. I opted for the cheapest one (of course) and this didn't work well. I don't think the heat could transfer well with a fabric so thick as felt. So no need for interfacing - glue gun all the way.


jo said...

VELLY NICE! they look very comfy. nice detailing on the cutouts.

C. C. Mock said...

They are certainly the most comfy and stylish slippers I've ever had. The fit is really good too!!! Thank you my talented and crafty Emi.

Connie said...

i love them. the cutouts look great : )

S. said...

Your crafting has seriously gone beyond hobby. This looks great, Emily!