Saturday, July 4, 2009


Can't sleep again - too much tea! I finished Kafka on the Shore earlier tonight, borrowed from the Young-Mock Library :) I don't fully know what to make of it yet besides the fact that it made me really want to eat eel for several days.
I was too unmotivated to immerse self in a new book, so I went downstairs (very cold) to look through the bookcase. Found a book that I'd bought a long time ago but haven't opened - The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis. So naturally, I start with Eros. Here's a bit of what he has to say on sensory pleasure and the role of the woman's body: "one does not keep the carton after one has smoked the cigarettes." Oh-ho! Mm ah whoa heh heh oy okay.
Mm but just thinking concretely about cigarette cartons - I definitely know people who keep their empty cartons and others who will hold off for a very long time before lighting up the "lucky," flipped one... There's even a piece at the MoMA that's just a stack of flattened Marlboros dangled on a horizontal string.
By the way, do smokers usually crush underfoot/flatten an empty carton "five minutes after fruition" before disposing of her? Oops - I mean... It's very important to be environmentally conscious and flatten your milk and cigarette containers, you know :)
Bah - will you translate concrete into abstract for me? Brain mellowing out and I'd like to go have a Nakata-like slumber session.

I wrote an ORIGINAL song inspired by Kafka on the Shore:

Oshima Battles the Two Middle-Aged Women
Her name is Oshima
She drives a forest green Miata
Working in the city
She has to discipline her body

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