Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just looking at some prints:

Juicy, 8/yd

Lady Yang (funny since don't you actually know a bunch of ladies surnamed Yang), 8

Chinatown Toile at Flavor Paper, 150/roll

Flavor is this fantastic wallpaper company based out of New Orleans. Very vibrant, velly spicey.

Recent buys at Peapod Fabrics on 18th and Irving. Definitely Lillian's best show-and-tell ever! :) Hopefully will be wonderful bedding!

Full Bloom from Windham Fabrics at Peapod, 9.25

Nigella by Amy Butler for Rowan Fabrics at Peapod, 10.50 sale


C. C. Mock said...

I thought I had other good show and tells, but I guess this is the one that really made an impression :)

Thomas Riley York said...

I really like the Nigella print. What are you going to use it for?