Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let there be light fixtures!, Part 3

I've been thinking a lot about how much I dislike my table lamp at school. Am definitely getting another one. I realize this particular expense is not included in "craft supplies, tea and masala chocolate," but I won't want to perform any homework-y tasks with an ugly task lamp! This seriously had an effect on my study habits last year, for reals.

So here's a roundup of table/desk/task lamps I'm liking right now. Looking for college student functionamability: 1. must be mad cute 2. adjustable arm preferred. It seems that I'm really fond of cantilevered table lamps, brass and black. Duh because they're so pretty.

BAROMETER at Ikea, 40

FORSA at Ikea, 25

GLOBAL at Ikea, 20

I particularly like this one because I'm beyond excited for the two studio architecture + architectural art history classes I'm taking next semester. MBAH! Also, GLOBAL is move-around-able.

KULLA at Ikea, 50

Without a doubt my favorite from Ikea. Perhaps not for a desk though. But if Northamptom Antiques can provide a cheap and refurbishable bedside table...OR find a plastic lampshade to spray paint in glossy black.

Ashland Table Lamp at PB, 120 sale

I love the combination of rosewood-stained birch and antique silver. Albeit it is birch and not actual rosewood.

Stuart Pharmacy Table Lamp at PB, 83 sale

In the likeness of early 20th c pharmacies. I just like how cute and bulbous it is. I wish it came in other colors or brass. Mmm love brass everything.

Bird on Post at Target, 90

Bit too old lady, but who wouldn't love this with previously mentioned high-gloss black shade, yes?!

Can't help but love the banker lamps. This one is the cheapest of the bunch.

Didn't find anything particularly good on Etsy that was not overpriced/ugly or made from a wine bottle/Jack Daniel's besides this one:

Gramophone Desk Lamp by lightexture, 180

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C. C. Mock said...

do you like the lamps we have next to our beds?
We're changing them out.

texasfirewheel said...

Your blog about desk lamps was very informative and helpful. Thanks so much!

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