Tuesday, August 18, 2009

new school year resolutions

This has been in my (beautiful coral!!) planner for a sehr sehr lange Zeit and I stare at it zu viel and so maybe you should once as well. Yes, some times I have sensible things to say rather than the "vulgar, spewed toxins" that I apparently oft emit:
  • Find time to craft every week
  • Ensure that expenditures are restricted to craft supplies, tea and masala chocolate
  • Keep hot water boiler full
  • Drink all teas equally
  • Have fresh flowers in Rm. 207, always!
  • Kill all gnats who attempt to make a home of our baby succulents
  • Make mad monies
  • Not forget etsy store
  • Not ball too hard at airport and on plane and first night at school and subsequent thoughts of family and friendses and this city... shit!
  • Find my super fly earphones
  • Wake up for breakfast
  • Maintain possession of cell phone throughout the night's events
  • Not lose any more goes-with-everything hoop earrings after ~$40 worth of many pairs gone
  • Savor Gillett maple yogurt
  • OxiClean everything!
  • Always proofread; constantly edit
  • Never edit bad memories
Just realized that none of these were re academics. It will happen! Think that in order to enforce spartan study habits, I ought to count aloud the obscene amount my parents are paying in this year's tuition, yes?... Worth the opp cost?

In other news, meeting at work on Tuesday with a potential artist for our gallery mrawr yess!


C. C. Mock said...

It's to Bawl, not BALL!! LOL

Did your Mom get the OxiClean yet? You won't be able to stop.

I was just about to start on Etsy research, but decided to check on your blog first.

Anonymous said...

i think i may end up reading all of your posts tonight, now i'm hooked. and your resolutions made me laugh, and i like that one of them is to get up for breakfast except now we can't go together that i'm living elsewhere . ohno!

mockumentary said...


modge posh said...

i love all of these and....

i have your super fly earphones!!!!!!!!