Friday, March 19, 2010

old boys club

"I'm a man of exquisite taste." - Prince

Influenced by Mr. Purple and echoing Britte... Want. Three. Piece. Suit. Now.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2010

Or just new suit

Neil Barrett Spring 2010



Britte said...

LOVING the Ralph Lauren and the chain thingy at the waistcoat.
it should be attached to an awesome watch or a monocle.
Also: we should run around Smith in three-piece suits.

Britte said...

Also Also:
I want my own Prince.

Thomas Riley York said...

My new thai-tailored suit is three piece! No chain yet, but it's charcoal pinstripe. It does have a light-blue silk lining though.

- pimp-matah t.

Thomas Riley York said...


And no, though it may be 6:45am on a Saturday, I'm not drunk. Still a pimp master though.

Britte said...

OMG Thom York is commenting on your blog