Monday, March 8, 2010

Bought in Boston, Part II: Whitelines

Notebooks of white lines on light gray rather than harsh blue on ultra-bright white. Another case of "why hadn't I thought to market this?!"

Whitelines notebooks come in hard bound, hard wired, perfect bound, wired, orange glued, and saddle stitched, as well as lined/squared.

This is what the pages in my Whitelines Squared look like:

And of course it's Swedish!


Think I'm going to finally make a planner over Spring Break. So excited to go home! Although Spring is finally making its way to New England - the first time in months that I've felt the warmth of the Sun rather than dry radiator heat.
Lauren's daffodils in full bloom in our room. Can't wait for Smith to get completely covered in them.

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Britte said...

Why are Swedes so good at everything?