Sunday, March 21, 2010

Speaking of boba, there's a new tapioca place on Irving! And they're so much cheaper than Wonderful Foods. Jo and I of course went to WF to get tapioca first and decided to walk over to the new place, which occupied the old Tutti Frutti space. Everything was in Chinese/legit. I read "small" and "red" somewhere (suckaaaaaaa!!)

Tried Ginger Tapioca. Initially too sweet, but once the ice melted, grew on me and pleasantly bitter. I didn't watch it being made, but I suspect they don't use any fresh ginger. Disappointing because what I want is the fresh kick and spiciness, herro-o?!

Definitely does not top Almond Tapioca - all time favorite!

Oh noes is this turning into a WF boba review?!

While I'm at it then: I've had Taro a few times but absolutely no taste recollection. Maybe I just get it because I think it'll turn out pretty. Avocado Tapioca is so thick! Seriously a meal. Honeydew too watery.
What else? I'm curious about other odd[tapioca]balls... perhaps durian is next?


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doctorpon said...

You didn't watch them make your drink? Sounds like trouble.