Wednesday, April 15, 2009

happy tape

Can you believe how cute, how genius?! I love the richer, darker colors - so saturated. About 5 dollas a roll.
Happy Tape of Japan has been big in the blogsphere, and they're just reopening imports into the US. They also have a blog and an etsy store (of course).


Dennis Ho said...

Oh wow! I would buy a whole box of those.

Anonymous said...

Initially I thought they were headbands and was very excited. After finding out it's tape, still sorta excited.

jo said...

DUDEEE the last ones.. SO CUTE. thats definitely not tape for bubbling.

Connie said...

emily, i have a giant wall in my room with nothing on it, and i'm drawing a blank (wordplay!) on what to do. i'm going to take some pictures and send it to you dear abby style for your sage advice.