Thursday, April 1, 2010

E. L. M.

On the phone with my little brother, who is eight:

Ethan: OH. OH. Truth or dare?
Me: Dare.
Ethan: No fair. You're far away.
Me: Truth.
Ethan: What's my middle name?
Me: You don't have one.
Ethan: Yeah but I have a real one now. Like a real one.
Me: Oh a real one? What is it?
Ethan: L.
Me: L?
Ethan: Yeah, L. That's my middle name.


Britte said...

bahaha whaa??

Britte said...
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William said...

That's definitely because he thinks my middle name is L hahaha.

C. C. Mock said...

Does the L actually stand for anything?

mockumentary said...

William's is Louis, but I'm pretty sure Ethan thinks middle names are as simple as Ella P. Young (but of course Ella Penelope goes together too well to be shortened).